By engaged with the Leed Program. We are happy to say that Shimmer is able to stand on the forefont of energy savings. And provide our workforce a healthy and comfortable workplace. The whole water recycle and orther sustainable components save Shimmer up to 33% of water usage. The water reclamation system collects used water and rainfall and reuse for landscape irrigation and toilet flushing. We choose native plantation that won’t pose risk to the local ecosystem and drought tolerant landscaping to reduce the irrigation needs. The bathroom features semi auto faucet which controls the usage of the water and dual flush toilet which flushed by recycled water. With all of its various savings technology combined we estimate that the total water reduction can be up to 33%. The skylighting optimizes daylight and station separation lighting control can reduce the artificial lighting waste. Led lighting is used in the whole facility to ensure better energy efficiency. Electric monitor can help us detect major electricity use so that further correctional action can be done if needed. With all, Shimmer is able to save up to 20% on electricity. Innovative ventilation design in Building A is our great Leed attribute to make the best use of the natural ventilation principle. There are 8 sets of underground air tunnel to pump in cool air to speed up the hot air ascend to the ceiling and exit. The whole production station can enjoy constant cool air when operating the machine. Shimmer provides multiple products including IM EVA. Die Cut EVA , sockliner, yoga mat. Current facility includes 4 sets of Hydraulic pressing machines with auto loading. Lamination machine. Join & auto computerized splitting machine. 8 set and 8 station of Injection machines. Taking the lean production concept the production is made from out to box. Shimmer is aim to be your first choice to have high quality best product.